Writing Poetry Outdoors


Writing Poetry Outdoors

Writing observational poetry is one way to slow down and notice our surroundings. Inviting learners to write poems while at your site can be an opportunity for them to reflect on and remember their experience and encourage them to potentially see things outdoors in new ways. This activity includes a set of steps that learners can use to write poems based on their observations, connections, and memories. While some learners may initially shy away from writing poetry, showing example poems from other learners, particularly youth, may encourage them to try it out. To increase interest and use, this activity could be offered on a day advertised to the public for writing poetry outdoors.

Self-guided activity, best for learners 8-years-old and older, or younger learners with adult support.


  • pencil

  • clipboard with paper and/or journal

  • hand lens or magnifier (optional)

Writing Poetry Outdoors Card: It reminds me of: What memories, ideas, or objects come to mind? Examples: They remind me of people walking on a busy sidewalk. Ants, their shiny bodies move like lines of seeds.

Topics: Nature & Environment

Activity Type: Outdoor Activity

Language: Spanish, English