Flipping Through Nature

A woodpecker

Exploring Acorns

If you have oak trees, you probably have acorns, which serve an important ecosystem role. This activity sparks learners’ curiosity through acorn mysteries.

Two children are observing small red flowers in the Outdoor Nature Lab

Exploring Flowers

Looking at flowers closely can be exceptionally cool! This activity guides learners through noticing the different colors, markings, shapes, smells, and phases of flowers.

A thumb and index finger hold a green leaf on a plant.

Exploring Leaves

This activity can inspire learners to notice leaves everywhere they go, and explore the eaten parts, veins, edges, and other markings that offer countless mysteries.


Exploring Lichen

Often overlooked, lichen sparks people’s curiosity! In this activity learners find different shapes, colors, and kinds of lichen and learn how it grows.

An example of nature journaling student work of a leaf

Exploring Nature Journaling

Nature journaling supports observation, thinking, and learning. This activity walks learners through recording observations, questions, connections, and possible explanations for things found in nature.

An adult is using a magnifier to examine lichen

Exploring Nature with Magnifiers

This card deck walks learners through effectively using magnifiers, which can support learners to directly engage with nature, look closely, and discover new worlds.

A close up of a mobile phone with an image of a flower and a finger tapping the image to edit it.

Exploring Outdoors with Photos/ Videos

This activity embraces technology by encouraging learners to use close-up photos and slow-motion videos to make observations that are easy to miss in real time.