Exploring Nature Journaling


Exploring Nature Journaling

Nature journaling is a powerful practice used by professional scientists and naturalists, as well as hobbyists and students. Nature journaling supports observation, thinking, and learning; it is a quickly spreading practice that’s used to notice and record observations, questions, connections, and possible explanations for things found in nature. When nature journaling, the goal is to collect as much data as possible through words and drawings—not to make a pretty picture! To increase interest and use, consider offering this activity on a day advertised to the public for nature journaling.

Self-guided activity, best for learners 9-years-old and older, or younger learners with adult support.


  • pencil

  • clipboard with paper and/or journal

  • hand lens or magnifier (optional)

  • colored pencils (optional)

  • watercolors and paint brushes (optional)

Exploring Nature Journaling Card: It reminds me of: What memories, ideas, or objects does it bring to mind? It reminds me of an old banana peel.

Topics: Nature & Environment

Activity Type: Outdoor Activity

Language: Spanish, English