Research Brief

Sunstones at The Lawrence

Investigation of an Augmented Reality Exhibit for Family Learning Conversations

This study investigates the impact of an augmented reality (AR) exhibit, Bugtopia, on family learning conversations at The Lawrence Hall of Science.

A student is outdoors examining nature through a magnifying glass

Improving Outdoor Science Teaching and Learning: The Implementation of a Capacity-Building Model in Outdoor Science Programs

This paper examines the role and value of professional learning and organizational capacity building in outdoor science education by investigating several questions analyzing the Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning, and Expertise Sharing (BEETLES) Project

Two adults are conducting research outdoors.
May 10, 2021

How is BEETLES Changing Outdoor Science Education?

Discover the long-term positive impact on the field of outdoor science education of the Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning, and Expertise Sharing (BEETLES) project in our latest research brief.

Children playing on the DNA sculpture at the Lawrence

Supporting Making-Centered Experiences in Distance-Learning Contexts

The paper looks at the challenges and opportunities within the making (hands-on, design-based STEAM learning experiences) movement as program developers and leaders pivoted to online, virtual experiences during the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Two children and a staff member are working together during a science activity.

Articulating a Transformative Approach for Designing Tasks that Measure Young Learners’ Developing Proficiencies in Integrated Science and Literacy

As early elementary classrooms shift to implementing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) instruction, high-quality assessments are essential for providing teachers with information about where students are in the process of developing proficiency in science. In this paper, we introduce an approach […]

The Lawrence Hall of Science

BEETLES: An Evaluation of a Capacity Building Model to Support Outdoor Science Programs

This brief shares (1) the underlying goals and design principles for the BEETLES project, (2) a summary of the field-testing process, and (3) program leaders’ insights about how BEETLES supported their organizational capacity building to provide professional learning for their educational staff.

Two sets of hands as photos are examined.
March 11, 2021

Designing NGSS Assessments for Young Learners

Researchers at The Lawrence, in collaboration with WestEd and SRI International, are developing an approach to assessing science learning in first grade. Learn more about the Next Generation Science Assessments for Young Scientists.