Elementary School

A camper is writing down observations about a turtle that he is observing.

Animal Scientists

Entering Grades 5 & 6 Have you ever wondered why squirrels hide their food rather than eating what they find […]

A camper is drawing the solar system and orbit of the planets during the Surviving on Mars Summer Camp.

Surviving on Mars

Entering Grades 5 & 6 What supplies would you bring with you on a trip to Mars, our most habitable […]

A camper is creating an asteroid during the Asteroid Adventure Summer Camp.

Asteroid Adventures

Entering Grades 3 & 4 In September 2022, NASA successfully altered the orbit of an asteroid called Dimorphos by using […]

A camper drops a ball into a funnel when testing the creation of her creative contraption while another camper observes.

Creative Contraptions

Entering Grades 3 & 4 Rather than simply turning a page with your finger, wouldn’t it be way more fun […]

Two campers are building their arcade games with a variety of objects during the Arcade Makers Summer Camp.

Arcade Makers

Entering Grade 2 Are you ready to “level up” and set a high score? In this camp, participants will design […]

Two campers and a camp leader are holding up model planets as they make a model of the solar system.

Journey to Jupiter

Entering Grade 2 What if you looked up at the night sky and saw four moons instead of just one? […]

A child wears an astronaut helmet she has constructed during the Moon Explorers camp while another child and camp leader create their own.

Moon Explorers

Entering Grade 1 What does it take to land a human on the moon? What supplies do they need once […]

A child is building a toy during the Toy Builders Summer Camp while a camp leader and another child are working on an activity in the background.

Toy Builders

Entering Grade 1 What makes a toy fun to play with? In this camp, young scientists will investigate what makes […]