Claudia Bustos

Claudia Bustos

As Executive Director of Public Engagement, Claudia provides leadership, creative vision and strategy across all public programs, digital media, business, […]

Tim Ereneta

As the Interim Executive Director for Advancement of The Lawrence, Tim oversees the teams that build awareness, engagement, and support […]

Salina Yun

Salina Yun, B.S.

Salina Yun collaborates with the Research Group and the Public Programs team to support the Lawrence in advancing its mission […]

Aujanèe Young

Aujanèe Young, M.A. Ed.

Aujanèe Young comes to the Research Group by way of Flint, MI. She supports research and evaluation studies through data […]

Alex Sanchez

Alexandra Sanchez, B.A.

Alex Sanchez (she/they) supports evaluation and research studies through data collection, data analysis, and dissemination. She comes to the Research […]

Valeria Romero

Valeria Romero, M.A.

Valeria Romero is the Research Group Deputy Director and a Senior Research Lead at the Lawrence Hall of Science. In […]

Sarah Olsen

Sarah Olsen, Ph.D.

Sarah Olsen brings expertise in mixed methods research, youth development, STEM education, and persistence in STEM education. Her work is […]

Ardice Hartry

Ardice Hartry, Ph.D.

Ardice Hartry leads the Research & Impact group at the Lawrence, which includes the work of the Research Group, the […]

Kelly Grindstaff

Kelly Grindstaff, Ph.D.

Kelly joined the Research Group in 2020, bringing extensive experience in science and STEM education as a teacher (middle school […]

Rena Dorph

Rena Dorph

Rena Dorph is the Director of The Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. She also serves […]

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

As Deputy Director at The Lawrence Hall of Science, Susan directly oversees resource development; she is responsible for business contracting, […]

Florencia Ramos

Florencia Ramos

As Executive Director for Resource Management, Florencia (Flori) oversees the Resource Management group at The Lawrence. This group oversees and […]

Craig Strang, Director

Craig Strang

Craig is the Associate Director for Learning and Teaching at the Lawrence Hall of Science. He oversees a team that […]

Kalie Sacco

Kalie Sacco

As Associate Director of The Lawrence, Kalie leads data-driven and cross-organizational projects that maximize the impact of The Lawrence. She […]

Dione Rossiter

Dione (Dee) Rossiter

Dione (Dee) Rossiter is the Executive Director for Science at Cal, a program that shares the excitement and relevance of […]

Melissa Collins

Melissa Collins, Ph.D.

Melissa Collins leads several research and evaluation studies within the Research Group. Her work focuses on understanding how individual, sociocultural, […]

Cameron Yahr

Cameron Yahr

Cameron Yahr is The Lawrence’s Executive Director for Strategy & Planning. Prior to taking on this role, she spent nine […]

Mac Cannady

Mac Cannady, Ph.D.

Matthew A. Cannady provides leadership and support across projects within the Research Group. His work aims to explore the dispositions, […]