Explore, discover, and invent in our featured exhibitions! Our large-scale exhibits form the core of a visit to The Lawrence. These experiences provide multiple opportunities to engage and dive into math and science topics ranging from engineering and astronomy to music and biotechnology.


Stop by for a brief exploration of scientific phenomena in our featured activities! Activities are shorter experiences you’ll come across as you explore our halls. Engage in quick investigations of topics like insects, computer programming, math games from around the world, and more.

Art & Installations

Spark your curiosity at the intersection of science and art! You’ll find stunning scientific sculptures, photography, and more throughout the science center. Even before you enter the building, Pheena the Fin Whale and our DNA sculpture set the stage for a day of exploration, discovery, and fun.

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Age 3+: $20

Kids under 2: FREE

Members: FREE

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3D Theater

$5 + Admission


$5 + Admission

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