Asbolus Verrucosus

Blue Death Feigning Beetle

Herbivore: Eats rotting plants and seeds, lichens and fungus

Geography: Southwestern United States, Mexico

Habitat: Desert

Interesting facts:

  • Their blue-ish tint comes from a wax they secrete to prevent dehydration
  • They roll over on their backs to play dead when predators approach them
  • They are a nocturnal species and characterized by their small appearance
  • Unlike other Darkling Beetles, they do not secrete venomous chemicals to ward off predators
  • They can play dead for hours if circumstances arise to do so
  • They have rows of bumps on the doral exterior surface that run parallel across the body
This macro image shows a detailed view of an Asbolus beetle, a type of darkling beetle. The beetle is about 1 inch in length and has a dark blue or black exoskeleton with rough, warty bumps on its elytra (hardened forewings).