Hyalophora euryalus

Ceanothus Moth

Herbivore: As larvae, eats leaves, adults do not feed

Geography: British Columbia east to western Montana, south through Washington, western Oregon, and California to Baja California Su

Habitat: A wide variety of habitats including coastal areas, chaparral, and conifer forests.

Interesting facts:

  • The adult moth does not have a mouth or digestive system
  • Adults will only live 1-2 weeks and their sole purpose is to mate
  • Not only does the adult Ceanothus Silk Moth sport a stunning wardrobe, the caterpillar goes through five phases called instars, that change the color and texture of the frantically feeding youngster. Like many insects, these larval babies shed their skin or molt at each phase, revealing a new style of attire.
  • The adult’s wings, which are 4 inches across, are primarily deep rust with white streaks and black eyespots.
A Ceanothus Silkmoth, scientifically known as Hyalophora euryalus, photographed up close. TThe moth has a large wingspan with a pattern of brown and beige colors, and its distinctive eye spots on its wings. Its hairy body and antennae are also visible in the image.