Theraphosa blondi

Goliath Birdeater

Carnivore: Eats insects, frogs, rodents

Geography: Amazon in South America

Habitat: Rainforests

Interesting facts:

  • Largest arachnid on the planet
  • They have hypodermic needles on their legs that inject their prey with neurotoxins
  • They cannot digest solid materials so they first liquify the prey’s insides 
  • Due to their bad eyesight they have leg hairs that are reactive to vibrations to warn them of predators
  • The sharp barbs are used by females to cover their egg sacs
  • They do not spin webs and instead line burrows on the forest floor
  • They have venomous fangs and claws around their mouth to help catch prey
A Goliath Birdeater, scientifically known as Theraphosa blondi, belonging to the tarantula family Theraphosidae. The large spider has a dark brown body with light-colored markings, and its long, hairy legs and two sharp fangs are visible in the image.