Dactylotum variegatum

Rainbow grasshopper

Herbivore: Eats vegetation

Geography: Southern Canada, Northern Mexico, North America

Habitat: Desert Grasslands and prairies

Interesting facts:

  • Their coloring varies depending on adaptations they’ve developed based on their location
  • They have a small degree of sexual dimorphism as females typically average 1.4in and males 0.8in
  • They do not have wings and are not able to fly
  • There coloring is a form of protection to ward of predators
  • Males are typically smaller than females with a 15mm difference.
  • They have small spines on the hind tibiae
A vibrant and colorful Rainbow Grasshopper, also known as Dactylotum, captured in a photo showcasing its bright hues of red, yellow, green, and blue. The grasshopper is shown perched on a rock with its long hind legs and antennae clearly visible.