Icaricia icarioides missionensis

Mission Blue Butterfly

Herbivore: Eats leaves of Lupines or nectar

Geography: San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County

Habitat: Grasslands with larval host plant and nectar source

Interesting facts:

  • Their life cycle is in combination with the lupine plant life cycle
  • Although the life cycle last for a year, adults only live for one week
  • They use a proboscis on the underside of their head to take in plant nectar
  • They fall under the endangered species act of 1976
  • Female coloring displays as mostly brown with some blue coloring whereas males are light blue
  • Both males and females have off-white undersides with sporadic black spots
A Mission Blue Butterfly perched on a twig. The butterfly has iridescent blue wings with black borders and white spots. The background shows more greenery and foliage.