Brachypelma smithi

Red Kneed Tarantula

Carnivore: Eats mainly insects, small mammals and reptiles

Geography: Inhabits the Pacific Mountains of Mexico

Habitat: Semi-desert and scrub land

Interesting facts:

  • Tarantulas hide within their burrow awaiting prey passing by
  • They have a total of eight eyes allowing them to see in front of and behind them
  • They have claws at the end of their legs that allow them to climb slippery surfaces
  • Their colorful hair that resides on their legs allows them to sense vibrations on the ground
  • These types of tarantulas do not develop their full adult coloring until 7 months
  • They have equipped abdomens with barbed hairs which can be shot towards predators.
A Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, scientifically known as Brachypelma smithi, running on yellow sand. The tarantula has a dark brown body with reddish-orange joints on its legs and its long black hairy legs are visible as it moves.