Stagmomantis californica

California Mantis

Carnivore: Consumes virtually any other insect it perceives as small enough to be eaten, including other members of its own species

Geography: Found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, western Texas, and Mexico

Habitat: Prefers warmers and drier regions — chaparral and desert environments with sufficient vegetation in which they can climb, hide, and hunt 

Interesting facts:

  • All S. californica have sensors near their legs that allow the praying mantis to lose its head and still function
  • Pink California mantises exist! There are normally green, yellow and brown colored.
  • Though fast runners, california mantises are also capable of using their wings for flight
  • California mantises can be recognized by orangish inner forelegs and black spots near the mandibles
Close-up of a female Chinese Preying Mantis, also known as California Preying Mantis, sitting on a twig with its forelegs folded in front of its body.