Oryctes nasicornis

Red Rhinoceros Beetle

Herbivore: Eats fruit, nectar, and sap

Geography: Found on every continent except Antarctica,but native to Asia inbetween India and Indonesias

Habitat: They tend to live in leaf litter, plants and logs

Interesting facts:

  • Adults are capable of lifting 850 times their weight
  • They are extremely damaging insects to palm trees as the burrow into the crown preventing plant growth
  • Both males and females have a horn to move leaves around however male horns are longer in length
  • Females have a fuzzy group of hairs at the tip of their abdomen
  • Females will deposit their eggs in dead plant material which then provides a food source for hatched larvae
  • They have interlocking mandibles that move at the same time
Close-up photos of an Asian Rhinoceros Beetle, showcasing its intricate and beautiful exoskeleton pattern and texture. The beetle has a curved horn-like protrusion on its head and its large compound eyes are also visible.