Pandinus imperator

Emperor Scorpion

Carnivore: Eats insects, small animals, fruit files, crickets

Geography: West Africa

Habitat: Rainforests

Interesting facts:

  • Emperor scorpions hunt at night and use sensory hairs on their body
  • They have large claws that help them defend themselves against predators
  • They have a venomous stinger however it is rarely used
  • Females carry their young on their backs
  • They have pectines on their legs to help them detect prey due to their poor eyesight
  • Their stringers are venomous to animals but only hold the weight of a bee sting to a human
The Emperor Scorpion, a species of scorpion native to rainforests, photographed up close. The scorpion has a shiny black exoskeleton and large pincers, and its curved tail with a venomous stinger.