Stag beetle

Herbivore: Eats rotting wood, sap and fruit

Geography: Europe and North America

Habitat: Soil of desserts, rainforests and grasslands

Interesting facts:

  • Stag Beetle larvae only eat rotting wood
  • When they are adults they rarely eat and only take in small amounts of sap and fruit
  • Males have very large pincers used to fight each other during mating season
  • Females also have pincers but they are much smaller than males
  • Their skin is a exoskeleton which protects them from harsh changes in climate
  • They are considered an endangered species as their habitat is diminishing
  • They have small hooks at the end of theirs legs to help them hold onto nature
A close-up image of a large Stag Beetle, with its distinctive long, curved mandibles visible. The beetle has a shiny black exoskeleton and large, round eyes.