Antibody Builder


Antibody Builder

Help fight viruses by building model antibodies. Learners use Duplo bricks to build antibodies with shapes that match model viruses. Facilitators can discuss with learners how the viruses that cause diseases have different shapes on their surfaces and that our body responds to infection by making antibodies with matching shapes that attach to and deactivate the virus. Learners are exposed to the foundations of the immune system while gaining practice solving increasingly complex spatial reasoning challenges.

Materials List:

  • Various Duplo bricks with different colors and sizes

Vaccine Learning Resources

These activities were designed to build vaccine confidence among families with young children who are considering the COVID-19 vaccine. The materials were developed in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Health Research for Action center as well as educators and families affiliated with Bay Area Community Resources in and around Antioch, CA.

Support Provided By

Communities for Immunity Museums and Libraries as Trusted Community Partners

This project was funded as part of the Communities for Immunity initiative led by the Association of Science and Technology Centers and the American Alliance of Museums. With support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Communities for Immunity supports museums and libraries working to increase vaccine confidence among vaccine-hesitant communities.

Additional Resources

You can visit the Dept. of Health & Human Services We Can Do This initiative’s website for information and resources about COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 and up, including Frequently Asked Questions From Parents/Guardians About COVID-19 and the Vaccines.

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